Cable Beach Camel Tour

Booking Terms

WEIGHT GUILDELINES Adult 90kg per seat

Please note passengers are responsible to be truthful and declare correctly regarding their current weights at the time in which their booking is made.

Passengers agree to undergo a physical weight check at the time of their ride, if a staff member believes your weight declaration is untruthful.

If the weight is declared as over our limits, you will be refused to ride and you will not be provided with a refund.


Under 15kg to complete their ride in the lap of an adult known to the child.

Under 15 years of age and weight must be less than 60kg, otherwise, they are classified as an adult.

16 + years of age, or child over 60kg. Max weight 90kg

91kg – 100kg- must purchase 2 adult seats on the camel

Total dispersed passenger weight on the camels will be decided by our head cameleer. This decision will be determined on the day and will be based on individual situations.


We accept no liability if your provided contact details are incorrect. Failure to provide correct contact details ( email and phone number), and we have made an attempt to contact you regards payment and booking confirmation. Your booking may no longer be available and your seat/s may be filled pending attempted contact failure.


Cameleers may make the decision that the day you have booked is seen as unfit to perform your ride pending external circumstances; eg high tide, bad weather, concerns regarding drug use or intoxicated customers.

The cameleer/s must be treated with respect at all times, those who do not follow this will be respectfully asked to leave, failure of this will result in the local law officials being contacted.


Please note that your scheduled time is for mandatory check in. If a customer arrives 10 or more minutes after the scheduled booking time, they will be counted as a no show.

Those of which who are deemed as a no show (not regarding extenuating circumstances eg health emergency with provided documentation) will be denied a refund.

Customers who present with concerning behaviour, where by the staff believe they’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be refused rides and asked to vacate the premises.


If the cancellation is made before 24 hours prior to the ride, a rebooking can be allocated. If it is made within the 24 hours prior to your booked ride, any refunds will be denied and we take 100% of the payment for your booking.

If you have made your booking through an external source eg Agent- Broome visitors centre. You must consult with them if you have a cancellation.