Ollie is our oldest camel at twenty five (working prime for a camel is fifteen years to twenty seven/twenty eight).  If you want to have a conversation with a camel pick Ollie!  Ollie talks to you when we are saddling up for the ride or unsaddling or even when he is eating a carrot, talk about eating with your mouth full!!!  (A carrot which  all Sundowner camels receive at the end of their working day and goodness help us if we forget to BUY CARROTS its almost a rebellion!  This is a reward they all look forward to) .

OLLIE  is a lovely big special camel with a great nature, although a little verbal.   He alone is responsible for helping to introduce all the new camels that have started with Sundowner Camels to the beach  for the first time, through until their apprenticeship is completed.

IMPORTANT POINT:   New camels have to cope with never having seen the ocean before (after all they are a desert animals), so they have never seen so much water in their  lives!  Add that to the fact that camels are territorial, and because there are two other camel teams on the beach, this becomes another area for new camels to learn acceptance of other camels on the beach)

OLLIE is absolutely legendary at helping our new recruits or lesser seasoned team members and that is why OLLIE is our HERO.