Jahil was the loudest, dare we say most erratic camel to join the Sundowner ranks but he doesn’t have an unpleasant bone in his body. We always fondly remember the first time he got hit Cable beach (cruising along behind Ollie our hero).

 A woman riding Ollie at the begging of the ride, asked the question (when Jahil was resting his head gently on her knee) “He is not going to bite me is he”? and we recall saying no, he would never hurt you, by the end of the ride he will be your new found best friend! this proved to be the case.

 For the entire ride Jahil had his head in this ladies lap, and at the end of the ride she was loath to release Jahil’s head which she had cuddled for at least half of the ride.  Jahil has developed into a lovely gentle charming camel that anyone riding with children loves.  He is a charmer and a comedian.